We are pleased to announce our US Operations Launch on 13th May 2009,

Along with India and UK, Now we will operate from San Jose, California, US.

The main focus of US Operations will be on Marketing & Sales Services of Sohum Solutions. 


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Eat Only Organic


Organic food has advantages over non organic food which contains artificial preservatives and chemicals. In an article published in the Journal of Applied Nutrition is showed a clear comparison of the nutrient levels of some everyday foods such as potatoes, apples, wheat, etc. It was discovered that the commercial varieties were lacking nutrients comparison with organic food; apart from this they also contained high level of toxic heavy metals. The average child receives four times more exposure than an adult to at least eight widely used cancer causing pesticides in food. The food choices you make now will impact your child’s health in future. If you want to protect your future generation then say no to non-organic food and switch to organic food. To promote this and to save our mother nature SOHUM SOLUTIONS came up with a portal

Sohum ECO FRIENDLY Solutions

We care for Environment and Use Eco Friendly Products.Sohum Solutions Group of Companies, are delighted to launch their another division called Sohum ECO FRIENDLY Solutions. The vision and mission of this Division is to make this Earth a better place to live .

We do it by promoting Products / Services / Solutions which are not only Environmental Friendly but good for People and society . Our Motto is Practice, Create Awareness, Inspire others to do so.

Promotion of Use Eco Friendly Products will happen through -

Come Join Us in creating this world a better place  to live in.



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