We are pleased to announce our US Operations Launch on 13th May 2009,

Along with India and UK, Now we will operate from San Jose, California, US.

The main focus of US Operations will be on Marketing & Sales Services of Sohum Solutions. 


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Sohum JOOMLA Solutions
Joomla Component Development

Joomla extensions are designed to be integrated in your Joomla application in order to extend its functionality. Now since Joomla has become so popular worldwide there are a lot different components which cover the needs of today's Internet business. To name just few there are components that are supposed for social networks, real estate websites, Internet stores etc. There are components which are supposed for output of contents, images, modules etc. in tabs without page refreshing. Joomla components are divided into plenty of categories: Access & Security (authentication, content restriction, site access), Administration (admin navigation, admin desk). If you want to extend the capability of your Joomla components, then approach towards Sohum Solution is the best choice.

Joomla Modules Development

Modules are extensions which provide some information on your web site. This feature adds an additional function to an already existing application, will append a function to an already existing application. A module is a smaller units of code in Joomla, but can still connect to the database and do powerful things. The Joomla module development consists of wide variety of features like menus, advertisements, blog comments and many more. Each module can be placed at various locations of the web page. The development of the Joomla module is a very useful in the development of Joomla Web site. Basically it is a form of data, Joomla module that already exists on the site. This adds an function of an existing application of Joomla. Any objective application is a module in Joomla, suggest specific details or add a role to an existing application. If you want to extend the capability of your Joomla components, then approach towards our Joomla module is a best answer. We have expert Joomla developers who are holding experienced in joomla website design and development. They develop any Joomla module according to your website requirements.

Joomla Templates

With experience our talented Joomla template developers are providing Joomla development solutions. We can Your PSD to Joomla theme/ template which is a primary step towards Joomla website development. Conversion of PSD to Joomla creates dynamic user friendly website by converting PSD to Joomla theme/ templates. This conversion to turn PSD files to Joomla theme/ template extends the functionality of a website and makes it perform better on different web browsers like IE, Firefox, Opera, and Chrome etc. The process of converting PSD to Joomla begins with slicing PSD images into multiple layers. Our web developer converts your PSD to HTML/ CSS to provide more of interactivity in PSD web template. In the second step conversion of PSD to Joomla occurs with integration of Joomla template from HTML/ CSS files. We integrate and customization to personalize the design as per requirement to develop a brand new website.

Joomla Based Websites

Sohum Solutions offers complete Joomla Based Solutions starting from conceptualization to marketing your website . From initial design concept, through to installation, custom template design, integration, customization and Module & Component developments to Launch, We can be your one destination. We are a web development company specializing in Joomla based web development. Our Joomla web designer /developers have experience developing both ecommerce and portal websites. Joomla is an award winning web cms which allows you to take control of your business web site without any prior knowledge of html or the need for complicated web programming skills. Our web designer /developers customize Joomla elements. Our developer communicates with you and works hand in hand with you to fulfill your requirements at a reasonable price and to design and develop a website that will draw and retain visitors and hence enhances your business. We treat all Website Design and development Work with equal attention whether we are designing a website for a small business or an established company. We have successfully created some of the most beautifully designed and highly functional websites in the Industry. We credit this success to our talented team of Joomla developers who have been coming up with new ideas.

Sohum JOOMLA Solutions

Sohum JOOMLA Solutions

We offer various Joomla related services like

  • Joomla Templates Development
  • Joomla Extensions Development
  • Joomla Modules Development
  • Joomla Components Development
  • Joomla PlugIns Development
  • Joomla Integration with various others applications / web services


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