We are pleased to announce our US Operations Launch on 13th May 2009,

Along with India and UK, Now we will operate from San Jose, California, US.

The main focus of US Operations will be on Marketing & Sales Services of Sohum Solutions. 


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Joomla Component Development

Joomla extensions are designed to be integrated in your Joomla application in order to extend its functionality. Now since Joomla has become so popular worldwide there are a lot different components which cover the needs of today's Internet business. To name just few there are components that are supposed for social networks, real estate websites, Internet stores etc. There are components which are supposed for output of contents, images, modules etc. in tabs without page refreshing. Joomla components are divided into plenty of categories: Access & Security (authentication, content restriction, site access), Administration (admin navigation, admin desk). If you want to extend the capability of your Joomla components, then approach towards Sohum Solution is the best choice.


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